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News and Updates

There are funds available at your local Community Action agency to assist with utility needs for the Winter Heating Program.  To find out qualifications and apply for assistance, contact your local Community Action agency listed by county below:

Licking Valley Community Action

MASON - 606-564-8389

FLEMING - 606-845-0081

ROBERTSON - 606-724-5513

LEWIS – 606-796-3893

BRACKEN - 606-735-2948

Gateway Community Action

ROWAN - 800-927-1833

BATH - 800-927-1833

Community Action Kentucky

NICHOLAS - 859-289-7172


**  Member Alert - Pole Inspections are ongoing in Lewis County  **

Fleming-Mason Energy has contracted with GeoForce to conduct pole inspections in our service area.

Beginning Tuesday, January 5th, GeoForce employees will be working in portions of Lewis County.

The crews go pole to pole and do a visual inspection. If the pole is older than 20 years, they bore a small hole into the base of the pole to determine if there is internal damage.

Please know, legitimate contractors will not ask to enter a member's home.

If you have any doubts about someone identifying themselves as working for us, please call us at 1.800.464.3144. Thank you.


**  We have a convenient new way to pay your electric bill **


What is CheckOut?

CheckOut is a fast and convenient way for Fleming-Mason Energy members to pay their electric bill while checking out at the participating retailers shown above.

How does CheckOut Work?

Fleming-Mason Energy members will go to a website, HERE, and obtain a barcode associated with their electric account.

Members take their bar code to a participating store, either printed or on a cell phone.

Cashiers will scan that bar code. They will not know the balance on the electric account. The member will let the cashier know how much of a payment they wish to make.

The payment must be a cash transaction.

There will be a $1.50 service fee paid by the member making the payment.  This fee does not go to FME.     

During these trying times, it’s just another way FME is trying help our members. If you have any questions about CheckOut, please call (800) 464-3144 for assistance.


 Change in Operations

Our lobby is currently closed due to Covid-19 concerns 

Members are still able to pay bills, start service, and conduct all other necessary business through either our free smart phone app, our website, by phone, the night deposit, or the drive-thru. 

These measures will allow us to limit the direct exposure of our members and employees.  Our service and field personnel will also be employing social distancing. 

We always stand at the ready to help our members, but even more so during this challenging time. 

We understand these changes may be inconvenient, so we great appreciate your patience and flexibility. 

Thank you.

Anyone with questions regarding any of these options may call 1-800-464-3144. 


Member Notice 

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has approved changes to the net metering tariff as outlined in the link below. 

Fleming-Mason Energy Proposed Net Metering Tariff Change

Fleming-Mason Energy Approved Net Metering Tariff


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